Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Final Blog (for this Semester)

Wow, I can't believe this will be our last blog for the Fall term! I'm going to miss telling you about myself and my family and reading what you have to say about yourself and yours. I really get so attached to my students, and this group is no exception. Thanks for sharing yourselves through your writing; it makes my "job" so much more meaningful. So, here we are down to the last assignment, and this one is especially personal. Find your instructions below.

Blog Assignment: Please respond to Writing Assignment #1 on page 587 of the textbook.  Here's where you get to let the activist within come to the surface. Don't forget to give me a clear topic sentence.

My Response:  When I read the news and listen to radio broadcasts, I surmise that sometime soon it is highly probable that the government -- local, national or both -- will pass legislation designed to silence Christians. Should this come to pass, I would fight, to the death if necessary, my right to be vocal about the God I serve. This country was settled by people who fled Europe and the United Kingdom because those governments infringed upon their citizens' rights to worship as they saw fit. The same thing is happening here in the United States. Instead of allowing religious freedom to all, the popular culture and the government seek to silence and humiliate Christians at every turn. Just because I do not believe what you believe, doesn't mean you have the right to demean me. It doesn't mean you have the right to expose my religious beliefs in order to discredit my educational or scientific theories. If a Christian responded in that manner towards a non-Christian, the Christian would be publicly disparaged; however, that same response does not hold true when a non-Christian vilifies a Christian. This is so shamefully in contrast with the tenets upon which this country was founded that I would fight, to the death if necessary, to ensure my right to believe as I decide and verbally express my belief without hatred or malice toward any other person or organization.

Your Turn: Sign in and post your assignment in the Comment box. Preview your response so you can see what you need to correct. Make your corrections and click the Post Comment button. Please be sure to post your response no later than midnight of November 10. Remember your Engrade option is still available should you need it; look for Blog #10.