Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Give Me Clear Instructions

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture you have had to put together? Maybe a child's bicycle or some other toy? You lay out all the pioeces, like with like, and turn to the instructions -- which are written in Chinese. Darn, if you could only read the instructions you might be able to put that thing together. Even translated, if those instructions are not well written, you might as well hang it up. Clear, explicit instructions. That's what a process essay is all about.

Blog AssignmentThis week you will write a paragraph that allows you to describe the steps needed to perform a specific task. You will respond to either topic #5 or #8  on page 230 of the textbook.

My ResponseWhen I asked my husband what he wanted for his birthday, he surprised me by saying "rice pudding." Well, the last time he had this obsession and I caved in, I used an Indian recipe that required rosewater. I made a huge pot and the rosewater was way too overpowering. I wound up throwing it away. Needless to say, I have been reluctant to try it again, but when it is your lover's birthday wish, you'll do anything to make him happy- including possibly embarrass yourself with less than perfect rice pudding.  As it turned out, it was totally amazing.  Here's how to emulate my success and win your husband's well-deserved attention.


7 c. water
1 1/4 c. Jasmine rice
1 cinnamon stick, about 4" long
1 - 14 oz. can condensed milk
1 - 14 oz. can coconut milk
1 c. fat free milk
ground Saigon cinnamon for dusting

Put the water, rice, and cinnamon stick in a heavy pot. Bring the water to a boil over medium-high heat and cook, uncovered, until tender (about 15 minutes). 

Drain the rice in a sieve, removing the cinnamon stick. Return the drained rice to the pan, add the coconut milk, the condensed milk, and the fat free milk. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce the heat to low and simmer, uncovered, stirring regularly, until the mixture is thick (about 20 minutes). 

Transfer the rice pudding to serving dishes and dust with the Saigon cinnamon.
A sprinkling of crushed pistachios would transform this into a sublime birthday desert.

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  1. Working at Walgreens I have many tasks.Filling medications is one things I have to do while at work. Working in the pharmacy I must be very careful and focused so I wont make any mistakes. When patients come in to refill or fill their medications there is a procedure I must follow .

    1.Find the patient in the computer by typing their date of birth and last name. Then I verify the first name, address, and phone number just to make sure everything is up to date.

    2.Scan physical prescription in to the computer and if its a refill I have to make sure the refill is not to early and if a refill is even an option for that person. Then, give patient estimated pick up time.

    3.Bill the insurance and wait for approval.

    4.Print Medication and side effect sheet for patient.

    5.Look for medication on shelf if it isn't in the store I must order it for delivery.

    6.If it is there I then count out the quantity I need to dispense to patient and place it into bottle that has a label with the patients name & the directions on how the prescribing Doctor wants them to take it.

    7.I then place it into the correct bin and wait for the patient to pick it up.

  2. #5

    When it comes to me making mod melt jewelry by Mod Podge there are some steps I have to follow.

    First, take a high temp mini hot glue gun and put a mod melt stick in it. Then plug it in and let it completely get hot so that the mod melt comes out liquidly.

    Second, choose a mod melt silicon mold or any other silicon molds. Then squeeze the mod melt into the mold all they way to the top leaving no gaps. Once that is done then either add eye pins in the middle and squeeze out some more mod melt on top to cover it or leave it alone. Then finally let it dry for at least ten minutes.

    Finally,once it has been ten minutes pop out the mod melt molds. Then chose to either leave them alone or paint them. Once that is done there one has it a new piece of jewelry to wear or embalmment to use on other craft projects.

  3. My son is like a boss. Figuring out ideas on how to teach him fun things to do can be challenging. He likes Arts and Crafts; so I introduced him to making different colored Paper Mache bowls:

    1 Box of Food Coloring
    1 Cup of Flour
    1/2 Cup of Water
    1 Newspaper
    1 Balloon
    1 Plate

    Place all materials on any table. Take part of your newspaper to use as a placemat. Put your plate on top of the newspaper. Put one cup of flour in a bowl and mix with 1/2 a cup of water; add desired color.Mix with spoon, then place to the side. Start to tear strips of newspaper, put into a pile. Blow balloon up to the size you want. Dip paper strips into the colored home made glue, start to drape across the balloon. Repeat this step all around the balloon,starting from bottom.Stop in the middle of the balloon. Make at least 2-3 layers. Let dry, pop balloon.

  4. We celebrate birthdays every month at my job. Everyone brings a dish of their choice. We have dishes and desserts from different cultures. Cakes are one of the most intriguing dessert in the world, because they come in various flavors and taste. My dish of choice was Oreo White Chocolate Mousse Cake. This is a favorite dessert for my family for the holidays. To my surprise, all of my co-workers loved it. It has become a tradition at work to make this dessert. If you want to prepare a dessert that is sure to be the propitious of the party just mimic this recipe.

    Oreo White Mousse Cake

    1 pkg. (15.5 oz.) Winter OREO Cookies, divided
    6 Tbsp. butter, melted
    1 env. Knox unflavored Gelatin
    1-1/4 cups milk
    1 pkg. (11 oz.) white chocolate chips
    1 pt. (2 cups) whipping cream, whipped

    FINELY crush 24 of the cookies. Mix with butter; press firmly onto bottom and 1 inch up side of 9-inch spring form pan. Set aside. Coarsely chop 24 of the remaining cookies; set aside.

    SPRINKLE gelatin over milk in large saucepan; let stand 1 min. Cook on low heat 3 min. or until gelatin is completely dissolved, stirring constantly. Add chocolate chips; cook until chips are completely melted and mixture is well blended, stirring frequently. Place saucepan in bowl of ice water; let stand 8 to 10 min. or until gelatin mixture is slightly thickened, stirring frequently. Gently stir in chopped cookies and the whipped cream. Spoon into crust.

    REFRIGERATE at least 6 hours. With remaining cookies, arrange on top of cake just before serving. Store leftover cake in refrigerator.

    1. Incorrect use of the word propitious. Sounds delicioous!

  5. People use a variety of ways to impress someone, and have reasons of doing so. When I am trying to impress my boyfriend, I always cook him a nice dinner. I love cooking but when he is around I make sure I am on top of everything i'm doing so it can taste really good. His favorite dish that I do is called peppers and steak.

    1. Wash the steak and season it. The seasonings I use are Goya Adobo and Sazon.
    2. Put rice in the pot to cook, with 1/4 of water and a tsp of oil. Sprinkle salt over the rice
    3. Cutt green, red peppers and onions
    4. Place steak onto frying pan
    5. As the steak is cooking, squeeze lemon over the steak
    6. Pour the bowl of peppers & onions ontop of steak
    7. When Steak is finished cooking place it onto a plate and squeeze lemon over it again.
    8.Cutt lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and make a salad.
    9. Serve your dish

    1. The rice is done without cooking? The peppers and onions are also uncooked? Hmm...

  6. Working at an in house office for a director in Mary Kay accompanies several steps and procedures.
    1. Walk in to the office and grab my sign in sheet, to record my hours for the day.
    2. Sign into her computer, to begin working on Boulevard.
    3. Send out emails
    4. Prepare and fix company flyers
    5. Check all folders and begin inputting expenses and customer information
    6. Start checking all Mary Kay products in the closet, to see what she has and does not have; in order for her to order more products.
    7. Organizing her products by name and color
    8. Updating her website and putting in flyers and calendar dates
    9. Putting magazines into Mary Kay bags for her Monday and Tuesday classes
    10. Organizing her desk and finally signing out of the computer.
    I enjoy my job, but there are lots of important steps for me to follow. If one does not follow the right steps there can be consequences, with the work not being completed. Most people follow certain steps in life in order to succeed.

  7. When first meeting the parents of the person you are dating, so many thoughts are going through your head. "Am I dressed appropriately? Am I standing up straight? Will they like me or hate me? Am I good enough for their son/daughter?" It is completely nerve wrecking. But there are steps for making this meeting go as smoothly as possible! First, ask your partner questions about the in-laws, such as, "What's their favorite foods or hobbies? What ticks them off or do not like in people?" Secondly, dress appropriately, not like you're going to a business trip or going to the club but, somewhere in between like a casual dinner. Finally, ask the right questions and make sure you pay attention! Have them talk about themselves so they feel important and more at ease because, remember they're just as nervous to meet you too. Extra tip! Even though they say, "Make yourself at home." Don't! It is a trip! It's not your home, so help wash the dishes and clean up, they will be truly impressed.

  8. I am a person that likes to eat. But I don't always have gas in the car or money to go out to eat. So I decided to learn a couple of recipes, one of which is chicken tenders. It is a pretty simple recipe to follow

    Things you'll need

    1 1/2 pounds of chicken tenders
    1 cup of white flower
    1 tsp. salt
    2 large eggs
    1/2 cup vegetable oil
    and a medium skillet

    step 1 Rinse the chicken tenders and dry them gently with a paper towel.

    step 2 Put the flour, salt, and any other dry seasonings in a mixing bowl and mix them together thoroughly.

    step 3 Mix the eggs in a second bowl

    step 4 Dip each piece of chicken individually in the dry mix, then once in the egg mix, and again in the dry mix. Cover every bit of the chicken in batter so that no raw meat is showing

    step 5 Cook the chicken tenders on the skillet in the vegetable oil on both sides until they are golden brown. This will take approximately five minutes per side. Remove them from the skillet and set on a paper towel to cool

    Finally Serve warm

    Then voila you have delicious chicken tenders without having to leave the house

  9. Impressing your boss can be a long process. Though they might like you at first, but as soon as you mess up that can all change. It's hard to do everything right all the time. People have their good days and their bad. But in a managers eyes you have to be on top of everything all the time.

    First, showing up on time is number one. By being on time shows that you are reliable. The managers don't like to sit around and wait to see if you will show up.
    Second, make sure you are groomed well. You have to show up with clean close, hair done, and you need to smell good. The bosses don't want the customers to walk away because they complain about you smelling.
    Third, you have to have a good attitude. When you walk threw the door you have to leave all your problems outside. You have to have a smile on your face and treat everyone with respect. Also, you cant complain about being there.
    Lastly, and most important, you have to perform your job well and give it 100%. You have to show your boss that you are a hard worker. Can't go in there lolly gaging.

    If you follow all of these steps you can really impress your boss.

  10. #5

    At my workplace, I go through many different steps to complete several different tasks. One task I complete the most is what we call "Feasibility." This procedure gives us a server score based on the time they get from one address to the next. The timing is based on the GPS of the servers phone. There are several things we look for.

    1. Search for the date the server was in the field.
    2. Find your perspective server.
    3. Once the page loads, record the score given.
    4 Make sure all the pictures are proper. No people are acceptable in the pictures.
    5. If the GPS is more than 600 feet away from the given address, we need to investigate why the server is so far away. If the issue is undiscovered, we need to contact the server and get their side of the story.

    Once all these steps are satisfied, we move to the next server until all have been completed.

  11. the process I did to impress my boss was very basic. first, I greeted the boss with a smile and gave a firm handshake. most importantly I had respect. respect is key to impressing anybody/ next, I spoke in a audible tone, so the boss can hear and understand what im saying. last, I made sure I thank the boss for considering for the job. and I tried to not be so serious. I wanted to be relax. i believed that i made a good impression by being respectful and nice.

    1. Capitalization and clearly expressed thoughts are just some of the things you should be editing before you publish.

  12. The process of working at a dermatology may sounds very easy, it depends on the day and how many patients are schedule. First, we get there before the providers, so by the time they get their they just walk in the room and get started. Second,we open all the rooms and make sure we have all the supplies that are needed. Then at 8:50 the doors get open. Third, as soon as theirs a chart for the providers we start to load them in the rooms, asking the patient 'what brings you to see the doctor/nurse practitioner /physician assistant today. Taking their chief compliant is the most important of doing this job. Then at 9 the providers show up and walk into the room opening the charts and going over the complain. Finally, if theirs any procedures that need to be done we are there to assist the providers. That's are daily routines on normal days until 5 when we all go home.

    1. There = in that place.
      Their = belonging to that group of people (them).
      They're = they are.

  13. I pride myself on being a mother who enjoys cooking with my daughter. Since I have a really busy schedule I allow her a choice at least once a week were she would pick her favorite meal for us to prepare:

    “Sloppy Joe Pockets”.
    1 lb. ground turkey
    1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil
    ½ clove of garlic finely minced
    1 can of Sloppy Joe sauce
    ½ cup of shredded cheese
    1 can of Pillsbury Grand biscuits

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Heat skillet on medium heat add finely minced garlic lightly saute, then add ground turkey brown. Drain, add sloppy Joe sauce and heat. On a non-greased cookie sheet unroll biscuit dough press onto cookie sheet. Add a scoop of Sloppy Joe mix top with shredded cheese. Fold biscuits in half back for 18 minutes or until top is golden brown.

    1. Edit for punctuation, complete thoughts, and spelling.

  14. Working in customer service at Publix we perform numerous procedures on a daily basis. One of my favorites would be receiving money through western union.

    The first step would be to have the reciver to fill out the western union form that says to recieve money on the top. Once completed you would then ask for there identification. You would the go the wesrern union terminal and input their name and mtcn if presented. The transaction should then pop up on the screen. You will be asked to input the recievers address, phone number, identification number, and state it was issued. You would then hit enter, a receipt will then print. You the agent will sign the top line and the reciever will sign the bottom line. Then proceed to your register select special programs from the menu screen, the next menu you will hit money transfer payout you will be promted to enter payout amount. Once entered hit enter. When the register opens give the customer the cash and there on there way. Be sure to attach the receipt they sign to the recieve from that they filled out. Sounds pretty easy but if you have 3 or 4 more customers in line you could feel rushed. Those are the instructions on processing a western union recieve.

    1. What is "mtcn"? Western Union is capitalized. Please proofread for errors before you publish.

  15. I love to come home from a long day and enjoy a nice meal with my girlfriend. Problem is she is deathly allergic to dairy, nuts ,and shell fish. So, finding a meal she can enjoy weather we cook at home or go out is difficult. But one of our favorites we can cook up quickly is chicken marsala.

    -1/8lb prosciutto
    -2 cups chicken broth
    -1 cup marsala wine
    -3 chicken cutlets
    -1/2 cup flower
    -olive oil


    1) Mix flower on a plate or bowl with some salt and pepper.

    2) Dredge chicken cutlets in the flower mixture.

    3) Add 1 table spoon to a pan on medium heat, brown both sides of the cutlets then set aside.

    4) Add prosciutto to the pan (torn up) until cooked, add marsala wine then cook down for about 2 minutes, Then add chicken broth.

    5) ladle some of the mixture into a bowl ( about 2-3 "ladle fulls") mix with the flower till slightly thick then whist the sauce back into the pan.

    6) Let sauce thicken.

    7) Add the cutlets back into the pan and cook for about 10 minutes.

    8) serve warm with sauce over top.

    There you have it a quick dairy, nut, and shell fish free meal!

    1. Are you using edible flowers or flour? You are adding 1 Tbsp. of what, specifically, to the pan? Whist is a card game. Proofread before you publish!

  16. #8
    There are many ways to impress the person your dating. The way i will impress someone I am dating is by dressing appropriately because it shows that i have respect for myself and guys like to see a girl dress nice (in a decent way). Another way is to always be truthful no matter what. Everyone hates a lair and being truthful to your significant other will show he/she can trust you. Lastly, a way to impress someone your dating is when he/she gets mad, just take matters into its own hand and show them, that fighting is pointless and they will be impress by your maturate level. Those are ways to impress someone your dating by, dressing appropriately, being truthfully and showing your maturated.

    1. Proofread before you publish. Look for capitalization issues, subject-verb agreement, and correct use of pronouns.

  17. To impress someone you must be courageous. Taking risk can show someone you are willing to accept challenges that come your way. In the workplace, to impress your boss you should be doing the unthinkable. When you show your boss your able to take charge and get your express ways to help, or get the work finished it will impress them. For instance, I am a hostess at a restaurant. As a hostess you have a limit on things you should know such as table numbers, bussing, and taking phone orders. To impress my managers at work, a server once was quadruple sat meaning she got sat three tables sat in a row. Three tables is hard to handle when they are all sat at once. Therefore, I grabbed a pen and a server book and I took drink orders for one of the tables and told them their server would be right with them. Apparently it impressed my managers and my general manger is considering moving me up to become a server.

  18. Their are many ways to impress the professor. Which is come to class with a pre-questions to ask your professor weather it is about the homework, or the up coming projects that's are soon to be completed or due also what's on the toady's agenda. they like to see their students mentally and physically prepared for class.In addition always have the proper utensils that are required for that specific class. Because when you don't it makes everything a problem. Will at least the students problem, So as long as you have those things down packed and those things prepared for class the teacher will love you. Lets not for get to participate either .

    1. Be sure to proofread for errors before you publish. Otherwise, good suggetions.